Update from Shawn!

Hello Friends.....Just writing to say hello and thank you all for your support. Just a quick family update here in the islands....Steve has really taken control of his health again. I am so proud of him. I like that he is not only losing the weight, but building muscles. He hopes to be the fittest 60 year old on the island. He will soon turn 58 this coming December and has plenty of time to get in shape. I like it much better this time around because as he is losing the weight, he does not look sunk in and sick. He is doing a combination of cardio and weights. Building muscle as he loses the weight.  He has an amazing and awesome workout partner to motivate him..My muscle son, Travis.  They keep each other motivated.  

Kamo and I have also started working out. We have only been working out for a little over three weeks now and both of us are happy to see the muscles getting firmer and fat disappearing. My goal is to fit in a size 10 clothes again. That's 1 1/2 clothes sizes to go. Hopefully lose 15 pounds. My goal is the clothes size rather than pounds. Whatever pounds it takes to fit my size 10 is the weight I want to maintain.
Ministry wise we both stay busy between the church and the school. We are very pleased with the reputation our school is getting in the community. We are getting great reports from parents who have enrolled their children in schools in the states after leaving ACA. The students are thriving in US schools and making "A's" and "B's". They are the top performing students in the schools they transfer to in the islands. We praise God that He gives us opportunity to bless the children of the islands with great education. God has really blessed us with amazing Christian teachers who are faithful and dedicated. 

The church is steadily growing. We just finished electing the new board members and officers and are excited about the upcoming year. Please keep our leaders lifted up in prayer as they began to serve the body of Christ and build the Kingdom of God. Next Sunday MIEC church will celebrate their 15th Anniversary. Pastor Steve and I are blessed to have been a part of 5 years of pastoring MIEC...It's awesome serving the Lord!  Christmas is around the corner and we are already begun practicing for our Christmas programs.

Travis, Malissa, and Tatiana are doing great. Tatiana will be 2 years old in December and she talks up a storm. She is the most entertaining child I have ever met. She loves to make people laugh, and she is always making the cutest faces. That child cracks me up! Travis is doing great at work. He is a huge blessing to his company and loves his job. 

He also loves spear fishing again in the islands. It's his favorite past time when he is not working. It is a huge blessing to the family. 

Malissa helps in the school as one of my teachers. She does a great job and is a huge blessing! 

Malissa is on the national volleyball team and getting prepared for the competition against the other island nations this summer. Volleyball has helped her get back in shape and losing her weight from having Tatiana.

Stephen Jr. is still with us and doing great. It is been a year since his return.  He and his children are starting to bond again and doing well. He is working with Travis at Do It Best here in Majuro.  Of course, Richard is in the states working hard at school. He just started another internship with a local agricultural company. 

He stays quite busy. He just finished with midterms and we are excited that he made all "A's" . He has been carrying a GPA of 3.75. These new "A's" are going to raise his grades to the next level. Go Richard! We are so proud of him....

Prayer needs: we are excited of the possibility of a construction team coming to help the summer of 2018. We are currently raising money for supplies need to do the repairs. Please pray for God to send us the right men on the team....For God's provision for the supplies.

Please continue to pray for God's guidance in ministry for Pastor Steve, myself, and our leaders.

Pray for Ajeltake Christian Academy staff, children, and upcoming accredidation. We currently have a level three rating with four being the best. We have our hearts set on achieving level four this year. We also are believing for top scores in the island for the MISAT test, the standardized test given at the end of the year.

We currently have roof issues in our home with many leaks. We are hoping we can get by with roof patch, but will eventually need a new roof in the future. Every time it rains we find new leaks. Thank God for Travis who gets up on the roof and adds new pitch to the new places. The salt air wreaks havoc on a tin roof. Our roof is 12 years old now. so beginning to have issues all the time. We hope to replace sections at a time little by little as one 4 ft x 20 ft section cost us about $80.00 a section. Estimated cost would be about $5,000.00.

For continued good health and provision for us all.

Thanks so much for your prayers. We appreciate your encouragements, prayers, and continued support...God bless and please write us a letter with any prayer needs or family updates. It's nice to hear from people...God Bless and love you all so much.


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