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Good day from the Marshall Islands.  It has been almost a year since my last post.  The year has been full of challenges and victory.  As many of you my mother went home to heaven last year.  So this has been a year of adjustments for Dad, the family and of course myself.  So for the last year I have not posted on this medium.  So while thinking about new ways to help people and get the message out I will begin to blog again.

It will be as always filled with updates to let you know what is going on but will also include other thoughts as well.  We are already using social media, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  We try to post weekly to youtube and Facebook live every Friday our time which is Thursday in the states.  Even with that I felt the need to get back to writing and putting that out as well.  So today we are back to the BLOG.

Shawn and I have had a very busy summer.  I took part in the 10th General Conference for the Full Gospel churches and Shawn ran a six week summer camp.  It was an awesome time with the churches.  Churches from all over the Marshall Islands and from the US attended.  It was a great time of encouragement a stirring of the vision.  One week was for all of the churches and the second week was with Pastors and leaders.  Shawn, was busy from the time school was out until it started again.  For five weeks, twice a week, she and others worked in the neighborhood with the kids getting ready for the main camp.

On the sixth week Thursday through Saturday was full days everyday.  It was a huge success with over 250 children reached.  We also partnered with the CMF church here in Majuro.  Pastors Jiuta and Loata brought their church and children to be a part of the summer camp.  The support was amazing from the neighborhood.  The mothers cooked all of the food, prepared snack and cleaned everyday during the main camp.

Shawn’s idea was to get the whole community involved not matter if they were following Jesus or not.  I agreed with her totally.  Our heart is to reach the lost and use whatever method it takes to be a part of their lives.  Love and doing good is the key to reaching those in need.  Needless to say, not only the children but whole families were impacted for Jesus.  Go God!

Shawn has been in the states for medical and will be returning this week.  We are so thankful for all of you who blessed her while she has been there.  The school is on track here and it is busy.  It is always a challenge when she it not here.  The end of the year is shaping up to be a busy one so please keep us in your prayers.  Please agree with us in prayer for the following:

1. Funds for a 10 passenger bus for the school.
2. Wisdom and provision of upcoming trips to Kiribati, Papua New Guinea,  and theSolomon islands.
3. Open doors to share the Gospel
4. New Partners

Thank you all so much for your prayers and faithful support.  Feel free to write or message us.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and family

Twitter:  ssclarkmi

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