Little Cakes

Delicious looking aren't they? Little sweet looking cakes. They are far from edible but so fun to make. This is sensory play at it's best made in our Toddler Classes.  Using a combination of glue, shaving cream and liquid watercolor or food coloring.

Mixing and stirring, squishing and giggling.  Sensory play is so important at this age to develop and refine their senses and aids in stimulating their brains and they have so much fun in this exploration.

To make the cakes I used oatmeal boxes that I had cut in half. They were just the right size to mimic a small cake.  Each child had their own way of adding the "frosting" onto the "cakes", some love using a tool so a spoon was desired and used and some like to smudge and smear away continually squishing the solution through their little hands.

After washing hands, which is also a wonderful sensory activity in itself, the children decorated the cakes with ribbon, dots saved from hole punchers and colored sand. The kids wrapped and sprinkled and poured away.

Good enough to eat!!!

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