A Lot Going On!

There is a lot going on here in the Marshall Islands.  This morning I just wanted to take a moment to update you on what is happening here in the islands.  Two weeks ago a state of emergency was declared here in the Marshall islands.  The emergency, we are in a drought.  Since last November we have received very little rain which has severely impacted our water supply!

Here in the Marshalls over 90 percent of our water comes in the form of rain.  It is caught mainly off of the rooftops and stored in catchments for use.  Even the international airport is a source of water.  It is designed in such way that when it rains the water is pumped into the main catchment for Majuro.

There are very few places throughout the islands water can be pumped from the ground.  These are called water lenses.  There is one here in Majuro but it is not capable of supplying water to the whole atoll.  At this time from what I understand we are below 50 percent here in Majuro.

Of course the situation in the northern and southern atolls is much worse.  The RMI government has reverse osmosis machines in place in several of the outer islands.  The push is to install more of these to take care of the people there.  Even here on Majuro, reverse osmosis machines are already in use.  Emergency water points have already been setup and are providing water to families.

Even with these machines in place they can only provide a limited supply of water.  Our once green island is now mostly brown with many of the trees losing their leaves.  Now when driving around the atoll the once lush growth that could be seen is now dying or gone.

According to the weather forecast these conditions are to last at least through May!  We of course are praying and have seen some scattered showers.  Last weekend we got a couple days of rain.  It certainly provided much needed water.  Please keep the Marshall Islands in your prayers during this time.

On other news, President Casten Nemra was replaced after a vote of no confidence.  Certainly a surprise to many after only two weeks in office.  He was replaced by Dr. Hilda Heine, the first woman president here in the Marshall Islands.  Please pray for the government here as we go forward into 2016.

We are looking forward to Monday, February 22, 2016.  Our new bus is expected to arrive.  Praise the Lord.  It is so exciting to know that this is becoming a reality.  We give God all the glory for His provision for the mission.

Shawn, as many of you know, is still in the states.  She was supposed to be back the end of January.  Due to some medical appointments and other things she will now return at the end of March.  She will return with Richard when he comes back to the islands.  Please keep them in your prayers and me as well.  It has been a long 11 weeks but the end is in sight.

We are looking at ways to obtain a reverse osmosis machine here at the compound.  Please keep us in your prayers as we look at ways to produce water here on the compound.  Next week, we will start a new discipleship class with the Marshallese.  We are looking forward to a kingdom explosion in 2016.  Nothing stop the Kingdom of God when the people of God rise up in faith!

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.  God bless and have an awesome day in the name of Jesus.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and family
Majuro, Marshall Islands.

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