Equipment Needs and Update!

Good day to you all from the island nation of Nauru. I wanted to take a moment today to update you on some current needs we have in the Marshall Islands. As some of you know the power situation in Majuro, Marshall Islands at times is on and off and expensive. Some years ago we placed in a solar system along with wind power as alternate energy sources. This of course reduced our dependency on the electric company providing savings that we could use for ministry purposes.

Over time in the pacific corrosion and rust can overcome even the best of equipment. Our main battery has failed and so has our wind generators. We lost our inverters as well. We are now believing God and moving to replace these key systems. Because we have partial battery supply left we are replacing our inverter first. This will cost us $2300.00 shipped into us here in the islands. This will allow us to have backup power in the event of power outages. This helps us preserve our food and keep us up and running no matter what happens. Shawn and I have stepped out by faith and placed the amount on credit. We know that God will supply this need as always.

The second major item we need to replace is our bus. This vehicle has been on the road for 7 years now and has been a huge assest to our ministry. It has faithfully took people to church, and kids to school and has never failed. Most buses here in the islands only last 3 to 4 years. We have been diligent with maintenance and it has lasted. However, now rust and corrosion is starting to wear on the bus with holes in the floor and other places. So it is time for a replacement. The next vehicle will be used for our main ministry as the school is now in the process of getting a grant for vehicles. We are believing God for the school vehicles and for our replacement vehicle for our ministry.

We are planning at this time to use "Go Fund Me", to raise support for the bus. If you use that route to help us it will be non tax deductible! You will also be able to give through Missionary Ventures as well and that would be a tax deductible gift. We will post more on the fund raising project once we are ready. Please pray about this with us and agree for the new vehicle.

If you would like to help out with either of these projects or just want more information please contact us at the email address below. Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers and support. God bless and have a great day.


Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn and the family....



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