Holiday Card Printing

I love the holiday season. I love the decorations.  I love the early darkness. I love the tree lightings. I love the cold. I even love the holiday music. Today we started off some celebrating by holding our first of many holiday workshops, holiday card printing. 

We used the foam printing process. It's such a simple process perfect for printing cards. You will need water-soluble printing ink, card stock, a brayer, printing foam or styrofoam, a pencil or sharp tool and a piece of plexi-glass, but plastic placemats will do as well. We first cut the printing foam to 4 X 5 inches. Then cut different colors of card stock 4.5 X 5.5. We give the kids short skewers to draw into the print foam. 

We then spread the ink on the plexi-glass. You can use the placemats for the ink. The kids love using the brayers to roll the ink on the pled-glass. Next spread the ink onto the print foam using the brayer.   When the ink has covered the entire foam image use a clean brayer to press the foam image onto the card stock ink side down and there you have it. 

We used a few different colors of ink as well as printed on a few different colors of paper. This made for many options for the kids. Each one displaying it's own individuality. Look at this sparkly silver snowman card. 

After the ink dried a bit we added some glitter. I really stressed to the children to use the glitter sparingly (which is incredibly hard to do). They did an amazing job of just adding a little embellishment.

I would be so excited to receive one of these beautiful cards in the mail. 

Happy Holidays!!!

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