Valentines celebration

On Saturday morning we woke up excited to get ready for the neighborhood bake sale at the Purple Twig. In order to celebrate Valentines Day we invited a few families that have been ever so supportive of the Purple Twig to prepare something for a bake sale in front of the shop. My kids love these bake sales. It's a great way for them to earn money. My daughter, Ada wanted to bake some lemon cookies and my son, Gus wanted to bring strawberries. What a delicious Valentines treat.

Ada got started by picking lemons from our tree for the cookies. We used a snicker doodle recipe, added lemon rind and rolled them in pink sugar instead of cinnamon sugar. When the licking of the bowl began, Gus came in to help. 


While the treats were being had outside, we were offering workshops all day inside.  We were printing Valentines and making treat boxes. Ages 2 to 52 were printing, printing, printing beautiful Valentines. 

These were made by a three year old.

It's such a simple process perfect for printing cards. We first cut printing foam to 4 X 5 inches, . Then cut different colors of card stock 4.5 X 5.5. We give the kids short skewers to draw into the print foam. Using water soluble printing ink that you can get at most art supply stores, they use a brayer to roll the ink from the ink plates ( plexi-glass) to the print foam. The rolling of the ink can be the most desirable part of the printing process especially for ages 2 and 3.  We used red, pink, silver and gold ink so that no matter what image is drawn into the foam they look like Valentines.

 Look at all these lovely Valentines. Some kids worked really hard, printing one for all 25 kids in their class.

After printing for most of the day, we ended the day with a treat box making workshop. These are perfect for little treats for your little ones. 

We offered many different types of materials for making these, ribbon, paint, buttons, jewels, little animals, fabrics and decorative papers. 

With our workshops we encourage kids and parents to work together to create. It is so rewarding to watch the families interact in such a enriching way. 


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