12th birthday party celebration- book in a box

We did a Birthday party for a twelve year old last week. We suggested a book (accordion book) in a box for the project. She loves books and boxes so it was perfect for her. We talked about telling a story, primarily fairytales, through images. Since the stories are primarily universal it's easier to convey a story through images.

After choosing which story they would like to tell, we start with a box and cut a length of paper and fold it to fit in the box. Then we went through many sources for our images, playing cards, magazines, storybooks, old postcards, beautiful origami papers.

After cutting out all the desired images we laid them onto the length of paper, moving them around, deciding where the watercolor paint was needed, what backgrounds were needed.

Then the final step is the gluing and the glitter. Oh so much glitter. Here are some final pieces. The stories range from Persephone to Hey Diddle Diddle to Sleeping Beauty. They are truly amazing and they fold up into a little box. 

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